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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Good Friends Help Heal Pain

Friendship has a lot of different faces. There are the friends that drain you, casual friends that don't have much of an affect on you, friends you go through phases with of being close and drifting, or friends that can help to heal you they know you so well or are so uplifting.

On Saturday I will be maid of honor in my best friend's wedding. Julie and I have been friends for over 26 years and as I review the poem I wrote to read to her at the toast I am reminded of what a true friendship we have and how lucky I have been in friendships in my life.

When I was ill there were friends that truly dropped me. They figured I would be no fun or felt they didn't know how to relate to me. I also pulled back from a lot of people because I felt limited and did not ever want to complain. I was immersed in my pain and limitations but there were still those friends that when I talked to them -- I felt lighter. Friends that made me laugh, friends that always had something good to tell me about, friends that asked me about me and listened to the answer rather than just waiting to talk. Friends that didn't judge -- just let me be me and loved me for who I was.

When I started reading Susan Sark she talked about the importance of friends and I started REALLY looking at all the wonderful people I have been lucky enough to know in my life. I started calling old friends I hadn't talked to. I took my first mini vacation in 8 years away from my husband and kids to NYC where I met up with 20 friends from different times of my life for dinner. Boy was THAT fun! I also started taking hour long walks a few times a week with my close friend Angela. A talk with a good friend can feel better than just about anything else; inspirational, thought provoking, fun, warm, loving and uplifting.

When I was in the process of healing myself I made sure I spent a lot more time around my friends that made me feel good. Calling a good friend you haven't talked to in a while is a GREAT way to elevate your mood as well as your friend's mood. I am always amazed that I can talk to a friend I haven't talked to in YEARS and it feels like not a day has passed (except we both have LOTS of share and catch up on).

Good friends are so necessary to our well being. It is important not to take them for granted or to forget about the good ones you have made. Next time you know you have 1/2 hour and are thinking about watching TV or playing a game -- why not pick up the phone instead? Call a friend you haven't talked to in a while that you miss. You will immediately lift their mood as well as yours. You will have also gained 1/2 hour of much greater entertainment and reward than the computer or the TV could give you.

Friday, September 21, 2007

"As my son has his 8 year old birthday party tomorrow -- thoughts on Alex, parenting and how I am teaching my children the Law of Attraction"

While this might seem off topic to my usual "heal pain" post I think it is important to tell my story of how my son was affected by me healing myself as well as what I am doing to ensure my children understand and apply the law of attraction.

My son Alex often says how happy he is I have gotten better. He remembers the mommy in pain that would have to sit or lie down to talk, play or interact with him in any way. He is very sensitive and as a parent it is always amazing to see how your influence on your child has contributed into making them who they are today.

Alex was my first so I was "on him" all the time. Was he cold? Was he hungry? Did he need entertainment? When you bring the baby home from the hospital there is no "Instruction Manual" and suddenly you are responsible for this helpless being 24/7. I read the parenting books "What to Expect the First Year" and MANY more -- but nothing is as sobering as holding someone you and your spouse CREATED in your arms knowing what YOU do will affect them in more ways than you could have ever imagined. By time my daughter came around (3 1/2 years after Alex) I was content with leaving her to her own devices....to entertain herself and come up with her own ways of keeping herself occupied. I was not shoving black and white flash cards in her face as I did while Alex was in his bouncy seat or high chair. She had to deal with loud noises all the time (Alex) and us being aware of her needs but not paranoid or worried over them. The result -- she is VERY independent, can occupy herself for an endless period of time and is SO sure of herself.

Then there's Alex. He LOVES for ME to play with him ALL the time when we're together. He really feels he needs a friend or a parent to be with him at all times to feel safe and secure. He needs direction and looks to me for ideas of "what's next?" Surely my over-mothering couldn't have done all that?! When he was young I was very ill. I worried all the time about him and his well being. I worried about my health and my well being. Alex grew up surrounded by worry and the result -- a child that worries.

When I started to heal myself last December I became very aware of the law of attraction and what you concentrate on expanding. How could I help my son heal the pain of his worrying state? How could I apply what I was learning to him so that he knew he could accomplish ANYTHING and worry does not accomplish ANYTHING?! I was already healthier and had showed him some of the movie "The Secret". I also had told him some of the things from it but I needed an opportunity for him to apply it and see it work. The first opportunity presented itself one cold winter morning as I waited with him inside for the school bus to pull up to our driveway. I asked him what was wrong because he had that "worried look". He told me he KNEW he would not be able to go outside and play in the snow with his friends at recess because he NEVER gets his journal writing done on time. I told him if he thought of it that way he was absolutely right. I asked him to please imagine himself outside playing with his friends and his journal work done in record time. He said "Oh mom -- that's just Secret stuff again isn't it -- I think you love the Secret more than Daddy these days". I laughed. I told Alex that he had seen how it worked for me being healthy and asked him to try it. He came off the school bus that day screaming in joy. He told me not only did he go out with his friends to recess but he was the first in class to finish the journal writing. "The Secret works mom", he said smiling ear to ear.

Since then when Alex's sister has said "I can't do it", I have heard Alex tell her, "Christina "Don't say that -- if you say that then you can't -- say you can do it and you will". She is pretty sure of herself and doesn't reach that point of frustration often but with an 8 year old brother she sometimes puts in some pretty tall orders for a 4 year old. It is nice to know that now we have Alex coaching her along with us. Since teaching Alex this part of the law of attraction I have seen his self-esteem improve and him grow up a lot. He has more friends than he ever has and gives off a much more self-confident vibe than before.

The other quality that I grew up knowing and feeling that I have transfered onto my children is that EVERYONE has worth and abilities. (Really I didn't JUST transfer the bad stuff!) : ) My husband and I had similar backgrounds in thinking when we were at school. We tried to be friends with everyone because being labeled "in a group" had its limitations and created biases. I tell my kids all the time to be nice to everyone and talk to everyone. Not to make fun of people -- all people are different and that is a GOOD thing -- it'd be pretty boring if we were all the same. I teach them to look for the goodness in everyone -- yes even the bullies. Alex told me he went up to a bully after the bully had gotten blamed for something and told him it wasn't fair and he was sorry that had happened to him because he knew it wasn't his fault that time. Guess what? That bully then considered Alex a friend and never bugged him again. Alex calls on the kids in class that never get picked instead of picking his closest friends all the time because he knows everyone deserves a turn. I have been complimented on Alex's sensitivity towards others every year Alex has been in school by his teachers and other kid's parents. He is a sweet caring boy and I think this combined with him knowing he can accomplish anything he sets out to do -- will make him unstoppable. I know Alex's party will be the best yet this year because he has such self confidence and has told me and himself over and over again that it WILL be the best party yet! 20 -- 8 year olds running around my house and backyard -- how could that be anything less than wonderful?! ; )

It's important to talk to your children. As simple as this sounds there are a lot of parents who don't. They go through the motions of helping with school work or getting them ready for bed, school, etc. but don't really get to know their children as people. Some use TV, computers and any other form of entertainment they can find so they can get some time to themselves instead of talking with their children. Children look to their parents as their example of how to be. I had to forgive myself for not being the parent I would have liked to have been the first few years I had kids. I know the experience helped me to grow and made me a more dedicated parent for having been through it. My kids are (almost) 8 and 4 1/2 -- I am so grateful I healed myself when I did. I don't know if Christina will remember me ill since she was so young. Alex remembers having a sick mommy and more importantly remembers witnessing me making the decision to change my life and following through with the actions to make it happen. Be the example of who you want to be for your kids - they are watching and taking everything in. If you raise them with self confidence and tolerance they will truly be able to be whoever and whatever they want to be and help a lot of people along their way.
Happy Birthday to Alex -- my considerate, smart, confident and sensitive son!

Monday, September 17, 2007

"Habits -- How They Affect My life and How They had to Change to Heal My Chronic Pain" -- my entry into the Jenny and Erin contest as I continue my Quest for Understanding !

Thank you Jenny and Erin for having this contest. It allowed me to focus on habits and how they have and still do affect me. So here it is -- my answers to the wonderful questions you asked in your contest: How big of a role do habits play in your daily life? Do your habits typically form intentionally or unconsciously? What approaches have you found successful in shaping them?

I have come a long way in changing my habits but oh I have such a long way to go! I healed myself of several illnesses and chronic pain predominately by changing my habits. I knew I hadn’t intentionally caused my illnesses but also knew in my quest for understanding that I would find out what my subconscious habits were and how I could modify them. I had:

- Habits of telling myself how sick I was and concentrating on my pain.

- Habits of lying in bed KNOWING I wouldn’t get stuff on my list done because of pain.

- Habits of frequent doctor visits so they could assure me of how sick I was and more tests to prove the fact.

- Habits of talking to other “sick people” to feel like I wasn’t the only one.

- Habits of taking on all my friend’s problems before my own

I didn’t start out this way. I didn’t mean to end up in pain and suffering on a daily basis. But my negative self-talk and habits were keeping me in a place that no one would want to be.

I luckily broke myself of these habits and it was a little bit at a time. I decided to tackle one at a time, starting with :

- Cutting out the forums that were making me concentrate on my illness – in analyzing them they were bringing me down more than helping me

- Limiting the endless doctors –I already knew my diagnoses and they told me I would get worse and all I could do was “manage my pain”. Why was I constantly going to be reminded of just how sick their diagnosis “made me” – I was letting them and the illnesses define me

- Lying in bed and CONSCIOUSLY changing my self-talk. Concentrating on the parts that didn’t hurt instead of the parts that did hurt and telling myself, "I am healthy" instead of “I am so sick”.

- Limiting the time spent with friends who wanted me to cure all for them – it was time for me to put myself first so I would be able to help anybody at all.
- I used visualizing seeing myself as healthy and doing all the things I would love to be doing.

These give examples of how the bad habits formed subconsciously and how I consciously formed new habits. Now my first thoughts upon waking up are: -- “Wow what a beautiful day – I am SO GRATEFUL I have my health to fully enjoy the day”. Habits can be changed but you first have to be consciously aware of them and want them to change. Breaking the change into mini-steps is helpful as well – become aware of all the mini-habits included in the biggie you want to change. (ie. My health)

I feel I have conquered my health this way but still have some mommying and other habits I would love to change and am working on. Why is it when I hear my kids chasing each other in the living room my pressure goes right up and I am already seeing them hurting themselves? They might, but they might not. Making myself aware enough to stop and see what is going on rather than yelling automatically still needs some work! I have even been known to use a rubber band to snap myself into consciousness when I am first identifying the habit that I feel needs to go. That’ll bring you to the moment!

I am also quite the perfectionist so there are some habits I am happy I have (though my husband and kids may disagree). Before bed the dishes must be clean, the kid’s breakfast bowls should be out, the knapsacks ready for me to check in the morning, etc. These are habits I set out to make stick so that my life is that much easier in the morning and habits that while I might be given a hard time about I am happy I have. These formed consciously and I make a conscious effort to maintain them. Although if it is a late night and there is no agenda for the next day I am able to “let these habits go” much to the glee of my family! Rare – but it does happen!

There are all kinds of habits and all kinds of ways to deal with them and appreciate them or to deal with them and change them. They can start out consciously or subconsciously and you can change them if you so desire badly enough. Thank you Jenny and Erin for helping me realize how far I have come with taming some of my habits. I’ve still got a ways to go but just writing about them enabled me to focus on what’s GREAT and what still needs a bit of fine-tuning. Life is a work in progress and if you aren’t working on yourself somehow – you are not taking the time to listen and to be consciously aware of all your habits and how they affect you and others!

As mentioned I used the power of the mind to cure myself of several chronic illnesses and chronic pain. If you want to visit me and learn more you can visit my blog or site on me or my site on healing naturally.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Study Shows Chronic Back Pain can be Healed by Natural Means"

I am so happy to see studies are finally being done and made public that PROVE natural means can heal chronic pain. I have healed myself of HORRIBLE lower back pain and as well as constant "all over pain" through all natural methods and am trying to empower people to do the same. It is refreshing seeing research being done in this field instead of JUST to approve the latest and greatest pain killer.


WEST LOS ANGELES, CA -- September 10, 2007 -- According to researchers with the California-based Seligman Medical Institute (SMI), it may be possible to relieve chronic back pain by simply reeducating sufferers about the physical and emotional origins of their pain. The SMI study, which was just published in the Sept/Oct 2007 issue of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine (www.alternative-therapies.com ), suggests that chronic back pain patients can often be effectively treated without surgery, medication or even physical therapy. Using a program consisting solely of office visits, reading assignments, a structured workbook (guided journal), educational audio-CDs, and, in some cases, individual psychotherapy, the study's Principal Investigator David Schechter, MD was able to reduce pain levels of 51 chronic back pain patients (average nine years of pain before treatment) by over 50%.

Commenting on the phenomena of the incidence of back pain in America, Dr. Schechter noted that chronic, nonspecific back pain is a ubiquitous problem that has frustrated both physicians and patients for quite some time. It is also one of the most expensive, costing the U.S economy alone over $100 Billion annually. Dr. Schechter stated that, "The treatment program we used was completely non-invasive and non-pharmacological — and very inexpensive to administer. While educational approaches have always played a prominent role in the prevention of illness, we think they can also play an important role in their treatment, especially conditions such as chronic pain, where most conventional and treatments don’t seem to work that well." He further stated that, "This should be of interest to health-care entities, employers, HMOs, insurers, and anyone else who is adversely affected by the spiraling cost of treating chronic pain." The mind-body approach Dr. Schechter used was originally developed by John Sarno, MD, a rehabilitation specialist at NYU’s The Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine. To learn more about this study please click here . To read the article in its entirety please pick it up at your local newstand (Sept/Oct 2007 issue of Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine) or subscribe to the magazine at: (www.alternative-therapies.com ). There are countless wonderful articles in this magazine to look at if you are interested in alternative health.

Wouldn't it be great if all doctors were required to be educated in this matter and suggest this approach to patients before automatically putting them on painkillers for life? The majority of the arguments I get when I tell people they can heal themselves is that "their pain is real" and "no studies have shown your mind can heal your body". Well -- my pain was as real as it comes too. I lived with it (as did my friends and family) for over 6 years. I am not saying anyone is making up their pain or illness. The point is JUST how powerful the mind is and that the subconscious can internalize things physically. If you don't look deeper than the surface and try to heal what is wrong inside you subconsciously -- the physical can't heal. I don't even mean major issues -- perhaps a friend that drains you but you feel responsible for, perhaps an old accident or even an argument or fear you never came to terms with. Many things in life cause stress and if they are not dealt with at the emotional level at the time they will manifest into dis-ease. As for the second argument about no proof -- I am SO thankful to see studies being done like this one to validate what I know is true because I LIVED it.

Pharmaceuticals have their place in the medical world. But I truly believe if all people spent the time and energy on themselves and on their emotional healing rather than reaching for pills to mask symptoms -- they would be surprised at how much control their mind had over their body and how much they could actually heal themselves and limit pills.

If you want to learn more about me and the methods I used to self-heal, please visit me at http://healpain.weebly.com, or http://www.thankfulformyhealing.com.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Personal Development Sites -- Not ONLY about Healing Pain!

Everyone can use some fixing in their life, whether it be to heal some pain emotional or physical, to unclutter their house, to become more self aware, to handle anger better, to build self-confidence, to conquer fears or the millions of other ways you can improve yourself and your well being.

I am so grateful I joined the personal development blogosphere. It has enabled me to meet GREAT people, read incredible articles and learn from tons of wonderful blogs.

Priscilla Palmer started a personal development blog list that has been going over the internet with hundreds of GREAT resources for ANYTHING imaginable you feel you want to learn more about in the personal development realm. The List is now QUITE extensive and is listed below. I would also like to add my addition:
Dr. Michael Shea: From Pain to Personal Gain -- A chiropractor I featured last week on this blog who truly believes in treating the Whole person to better their well being.

In addition to this incredible list there are great contests out there in the personal development blogosphere. 2 recent ones I have found are Jenny & Erin's where you have to answer some interesting questions about habits and submit your articles to them for review -- the prize of a $25 Amazon gift certificate will be given to the best article but entries have to be submitted by September 21st. Click here for all the details.

Also there is Alex Shalman who is generously offering an IPOD shuffle contest. To enter you have to reply on his blog and for another entry you can include the Priscilla Palmer list on your blog. The winner will be picked randomly -- all entries must be received by September 27.

Personal Development List

Aaron Potts at Today is That Day

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Friday, September 7, 2007

"Having a GOOD Doctor is Indispensable in your Quest to Heal Pain"

I have become involved in studying health-care practices ever since I healed my chronic pain. I also have tons of first-hand experience from my 8 years in and out of doctor offices. It is imperative you can really talk to your doctor and that they really listen. In my studies I was very fortunate to come across Dr. Michael Kaye who is a chiropractor and has an amazing website. He is exactly the kind of doctor I believe people with chronic pain need in order for them to start healing. He has a wonderful site where he also maintains a blog and is a gifted writer. I love to visit http://www.frompaintopersonal gain.com and read his uplifting articles on health and life. He knows a lot about chronic pain because he treated and continues to treat tons of patients that live with it. He takes a very "hand on" approach and gets to know the patient and where they are coming from and helps them make a gradual plan to heal their pain as much as possible. I was lucky enough to read his e-book and speak with Dr. Kaye firsthand and I was very moved and inspired to hear that doctors like him exist!

I think if you are in chronic pain you need to ask yourself is your doctor REALLY listening to you and HEARING you. Are they just quickly prescribing medicines and more medicines for the side effects of the first prescriptions? Medicine definitely has its place in the medical field -- I am not against all medications. There were days that I would not have gotten through if it was not for something numbing my all-consuming pain. But the goal should be to get you on as few medications as possible instead of increasing prescriptions and dosages. Most of these prescriptions have long term health repercussions if taken long enough. You need optimum health to move forward with your life and be happy.

Please make sure you have a competent, caring, nurturing doctor who listens to you. Please visit Dr. Kaye's site to learn more about how involved your doctor SHOULD be with your health -- it is your life after all -- don't you want someone who works with you so you can live to your full potential?

Saturday, September 1, 2007

"Exercise is Essential in Healing Pain"

I know, "me, exercise?" to heal pain -- I don't know if I can do that -- I'm in so much pain already. These were words I often said when my chronic pain was so bad I was barely moving much less exercising. But there are many different levels and different kinds of exercise. My favorites are walking, dancing, yoga and cross country skiing personally but even these can be done on VERY different levels.

Even when I was feeling my worst pain I would try and drag myself to my yoga/dance class (45 minutes of each) once a week. Yes, I did sometimes feel worse the next day because of it but my body and spirit felt wonderful while I was there. Then I was told by my rheumatologist that because I had Benign Hypermobility Syndrome I was actually making my body worse by hyper-extending my joints while doing yoga and that pilates would be much better for me and walking was really the best exercise of all. Although I can see the benefits of pilates the breathing always felt a bit unnatural to me compared to yoga. I tried some short pilates workouts but it didn't resonate within me the way yoga and dance did. I needed something else.

I had always been a walker. Growing up in NYC will make you one! But since becoming ill I became filled with the negative self-talk that a walk would "wear me out". It wasn't until I met my friend Angela and we discovered what a great walk -- walking to the dock in the nearby park was that I literally DRAGGED myself to go along with her even if my body was crying in pain. The talks on that walk helped my spirit tremendously and I was starting to lose some of the weight I had put on taking the pain killers and not going to yoga dance anymore. I realized how much my weight affected my self-confidence and energy level. When I put on 20 lb. I really felt the effort of moving my body around. When I lost it I felt lighter and more full of energy.

I know when the pain is bad it is an effort to get out of bed. I know starting an exercise program can seem "impossible" but your spirit and self-confidence will benefit tremendously from it. If you haven't exercised in a while baby-steps are needed and you might even have to consult a doctor before starting. A walk around the block might be where you start or a walk down your driveway and back.... baby steps are better than no steps. The fresh air alone can work wonders. For me, while I can enjoy walks by myself I find it easier to go if I have a friend who would go as well -- not as easy to back out of it. Again, once a week is better than no times a week. 3 times a week is better than 1 time a week. The most important thing is putting no pressure on yourself and listening to your body.

Have you gained too much weight to want to walk around in public or take a public class? I know my self-confidence was low when I saw all the tiny women walking around my neighborhood and I felt I looked "fat" in my workout clothes (the ones I could still fit in!)... I know I was over-exaggerating how I looked (always my hardest critic) but I knew also that I needed to be totally comfortable to stick to ANY kind of exercise. An option for not wanting to be out exercising is to buy a treadmill and consult with your doctor about a program good for you. They come as inexpensive as $400 now or you can get one with a ton of features for under $1500. This is a good option because it allows you to walk all year even if you are in an area that has severe seasons as upstate NY definitely has! You could even put it in front of a TV or right by a stereo so you are a bit distracted and aren't focusing JUST on the fact that you are exercising.

Any way you decide to do it ANY exercise is better than no exercise. It helps to strengthen the body, lose weight, build self-confidence and the result is less pain.

To find out more about the other methods I used to heal my pain and illnesses you can read about my ebook , or you can visit my blog or my site.

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