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Friday, July 11, 2008

10 Things That Made Me Happy Today

Suzie from The Abundance Highway tagged me for the "10 Things That Make Me Happy" Meme. Since I ALWAYS LOVE to think about happiness and what I am grateful for -- this is perfect for me. Thanks Suzie! One of the questions asked was what made you feel happy TODAY and that is the one I am answering....

1) Waking up and feeling it cooler than in has been but still having it be bright and sunny out (minus humidity).

2) Watching my children take and ENJOY tennis lessons and chatting with another mom who is a friend.

3) Thinking how happy I will be when Ray gets home -- 3 hours -- whoo hoo! (My husband is away from us all week working).

4) Picking up fence stain. 5 Minute Fence Stain is a product I have wanted for a long time. Now we have a fast weekend project, something that will beautify the area around our pool and something that when I look outside will remind me of the abundance that keeps on coming!

5) My son deciding on a gift for a birthday party in 2 days in less than 10 minutes of shopping (a new record)!

6) Getting through WalMart check out with the kids in less than 5 minutes.

7) Leaving a message for my friend Julie to say Happy Birthday and thinking about how wonderful she is and how grateful I am to have known her for the last 25 years!

8) Marinating Tilapia for the grill for dinner in Mediterranean seasoning -- yum!

9) Thinking about family night tonight with Ray and the kids, lighting a fire in the fire pit by the pool and roasting marshmallows.

10) Going out to pick cucumbers from my garden for the salad tonight! Who would have thought a city girl could grow veggies AND flowers? ;-)

Thanks Suzie -- it is always nice to take a few minutes to think about the good things.... just what I needed to feel refreshed! The rules are simple..... Write about 10 things that make you happy -- be it today, in general or list things that touch your soul....

I tag:

Akemi of Yes To Me!
Camille of Joyz a Choice
Gil of Cult Case
Liara of Dream Builders
Leena of Conceptis Addict

Please feel free to list what makes you happy in my comments if you do not have a blog. Thank you!


Bruno LoGreco said...

Living life make me happy :)

Jenny Mannion said...

Awesome Bruno -- and I know with your work you are inspiring others to feel the same way! Every day holds so much to be grateful for -- it's easy to see once you are aware of it!

Suzie Cheel said...

Thank you Jenny for playing along,
Great list, amazing how small things make us happy

we must catch up soon

Jenny Mannion said...

Hi Suzie, Yes, it is those small things that can work wonders! Thanks for inviting me to play. ;-) I had fun and should make this a daily practice! I "say" my gratitude in my head a few times a day it but seems more reaffirming to write a daily gratitude list. We'll talk soon. Love, Jenny

Akemi said...

Okay. This is perfect for my Gratitude Friday post, so I will do mine this coming Friday!

Jenny Mannion said...

Hi Akemi, Sounds GREAT! Glad you can participate -- I look forward to reading 10 things that make you happy! Love, Jenny

Liara Covert said...

Thanks for the invite Jenny. I've posted on this wonderful topic. Have a great day, whatever you choose to think and do.

Jenny Mannion said...

Hi Liara, I LOVED your list -- thank you so much for participating. You are an inspiration to me! I had another day full of things to be happy about and am mindful that EVERY day offers greatness and beauty. Gratefully, Jenny

bart said...

thanks for this post jenny... often i can and sometimes i can't see the small and beautiful things around me which make me happy... i'm glad you wrote about this here :-))

keep well...

Jenny Mannion said...

Hey Bart, My pleasure.... Once you take some time every day to stop and think about things that you are grateful for and that make you happy it becomes a habit you will not be able to let go easily.... 5 minutes a day that can change the way you see life. Thanks for commenting! Gratefully, Jenny

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