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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Heroes of Healing Group Writing Project -- Extended Deadline

Due to overwhelming demand I have extended the deadline for submission to the Group Writing Project "Heroes of Healing" to Friday, October 3, 2008. The newer list of posts is below. Please see my previous post for my Heroes, Project Guidelines, etc. I feel this is a very important project and I am so grateful for the response. This list will be a resource for people beginning to seek healing and wanting to make life changes to those who are seeking continued growth and knowledge. I, myself have found new people I am very excited to learn from by the wonderful contributions so far.

I have others that have said they will write and I will be adding their Heroes to the list shortly. The complete project will be displayed with the launch of my new site jennymannion.com which I am happy to say is coming along very nicely (thank goodness)! My husband Ray's computer programming skills are being utilized as he explains the ins and outs of wordpress to me in layman's' terms. Here is the newest list as well as a list of people I would love to still be included but haven't been submitted so far.....


Brandon Bays by Suzie Cheel of Abundance Highway

Dr. Michael Beckwith by Lisa Erickson of Mommy Mystic

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor by Jenny Mannion at Heal Pain Naturally

Dr. Joan Borysenko by Lisa Erickson of Mommy Mystic

Gregg Braden by Sharon -- (posting soon)

Paul Chek by Stephen Cox of Balanced Existence

Dr. Deepak Chopra by Dawn Abraham of Qualified Life Coach

Gary Craig by Akemi Gaines of Yes To Me

Dr. John DeMartini by Angela Recchia at Ange’s Biz– (posting soon)

Mike Dooley by Camille Olivia Strate of The Raja Project

Bob Doyle by Suzie Cheel of Abundance Highway

Dr. Wayne Dyer by Jenny Mannion of Heal Pain Naturally

Gangaji by Lisa Erickson of Mommy Mystic

Thich Nhat Hahn by Isabella Mori at Change Therapy

Louise Hay by Kelly Rigby of She Power

Jerry & Esther Hicks and Abraham by Camille Olivia Strate of The Raja Project

Ernest Holmes by Lyman Reed of Creating a Better Life

Napoleon Hill by Cath Lawson of Cath Lawson (Tips for Success in Business and Life) -- (posting soon)

Roy Hunter by Ellie Blunt of The Transparent Hypnotist

Susan Jeffers by Kate of Experiments in Living

Byron Katie by Caroline Middlebrook of Life Should Feel Good

Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross by Ari Koinuma of Our Best Version

Michael Losier by Suzie Cheel of Abundance Highway

Nelson Mandela by Mark Hayward of My Tropical Escape -- (posting soon)

Barbara Marx Hubbard by Slade Roberson of Shift Your Spirits -- (posting soon)

Dan Millman by Matthew Wadleigh and Lisa Erickson at Mommy Mystic

Dr. Christiane Northrup by Marilyn Kay at Mommy Mystic

Mary O’Malley by Dr. Nicole -(posting soon)

Dr. Mehmet Oz by Karen Lynch of Live the Power!

Dr. Eric Pearl by Jenny Mannion

Rachel Naomi Remen by Mokihana Calizar at Heal Pain Naturally

Susan SARK by Jenny Mannion of Heal Pain Naturally

Eckhart Tolle by Jenny Mannion of Heal Pain Naturally

Vaishali by Jenny Mannion of Heal Pain Naturally

Doreen Virtue by Suzie Cheel of Abundance Highway (posting soon)

Neale Donald Walsch by Evelyn Lim of Attraction Mind Map -- (posting soon)

Ron Wilkens by Jennifer Abbott of Principles for Peace

Marianne Williamson by Lisa Erickson of Mommy Mystic

Oprah Winfrey by Jenny Mannion of Heal Pain Naturally

Brad Yates by Suzie Cheel of Abundance Highway

I would love to see the following people written about:

Gary Null

Gary Zukav

Caroline Myss

Andrew Weil

Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz

Who else is missing from this important list? Please see my first post on Heroes of Healing for details and email me at jennymannion@yahoo.com with who you would like to add. I am so excited for this project! I and am very grateful to all of you who have expressed how important you also believe it is and to all of the authors who already have submitted their brilliant posts! Thank you so much for your support. It means the world to me! :-)


Ari Koinuma said...

This is shaping up to be a great list! Thanks for all your work.


Jenny Mannion said...

Hi Ari, Yes, it is! I am very excited for it and hope it continues to grow! I am having fun in wordpress combining them all and formatting it to make it look a little nicer! I'll give you a preview soon. I am so grateful for your contribution. Thank you! Gratefully, Jenny

Kelly@SHE-POWER said...

I will have my Louise Hay post up at SHE-POWER with a link here in the next 5 days. Must make the time to read about all these great authors.

Do you want me to post the Louise hay profile here too? Sorry, I'm a bit vague as to how this works.

Kel xx

Jenny Mannion said...

Hey Kelly, Nope, just post at She-Power. I will copy it from there onto the final post. Just tell me when it's up and I'll get the permalink. Thanks so much for doing Louise Hay -- she is a remarkable woman! There are so many other incredible people on the list and I have found a few new people I want to learn from. Thanks for contributing -- I am a HUGE fan of your writing! Love, Jenny

Karen Lynch-Live the Power said...

Hey Jenny,
I've sent you a couple of emails responding to your request...and both have been returned as undeliverable....
I really admire Dr. Mehmet Oz and I also mentioned Dr. Andrew Weil...
I'm unsure of the deadlines now with the returned emails.

Jenny Mannion said...

Hi Karen,

I will send you an email from my other email address and hopefully we can communicate there. I LOVE both those people and would be honored if you wrote about them... Thank you for contacting me through here!
Love, Jenny

angesbiz said...

Hi Jenny... just popped in to say I will have my article done soon :)

Hope all is well with you


Jenny Mannion said...

Hey Ange, Thanks for popping in! Look forward to reading your article and catching up soon. Lots of love, Jenny

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