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Friday, September 7, 2007

"Having a GOOD Doctor is Indispensable in your Quest to Heal Pain"

I have become involved in studying health-care practices ever since I healed my chronic pain. I also have tons of first-hand experience from my 8 years in and out of doctor offices. It is imperative you can really talk to your doctor and that they really listen. In my studies I was very fortunate to come across Dr. Michael Kaye who is a chiropractor and has an amazing website. He is exactly the kind of doctor I believe people with chronic pain need in order for them to start healing. He has a wonderful site where he also maintains a blog and is a gifted writer. I love to visit http://www.frompaintopersonal gain.com and read his uplifting articles on health and life. He knows a lot about chronic pain because he treated and continues to treat tons of patients that live with it. He takes a very "hand on" approach and gets to know the patient and where they are coming from and helps them make a gradual plan to heal their pain as much as possible. I was lucky enough to read his e-book and speak with Dr. Kaye firsthand and I was very moved and inspired to hear that doctors like him exist!

I think if you are in chronic pain you need to ask yourself is your doctor REALLY listening to you and HEARING you. Are they just quickly prescribing medicines and more medicines for the side effects of the first prescriptions? Medicine definitely has its place in the medical field -- I am not against all medications. There were days that I would not have gotten through if it was not for something numbing my all-consuming pain. But the goal should be to get you on as few medications as possible instead of increasing prescriptions and dosages. Most of these prescriptions have long term health repercussions if taken long enough. You need optimum health to move forward with your life and be happy.

Please make sure you have a competent, caring, nurturing doctor who listens to you. Please visit Dr. Kaye's site to learn more about how involved your doctor SHOULD be with your health -- it is your life after all -- don't you want someone who works with you so you can live to your full potential?

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