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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Eggscelence (Excellence) Award for Heal Pain Naturally

My friend Leena of Conceptis Addict was nice enough to give my blog an award of excellence. This award was started by Bradley of EgleNest. I started blogging to help others and I am happy to say I have received a bunch of emails from people telling me I have helped them already. What I didn't know was how much kindness and help I would receive. I have so many bloggers I could pass this award on to. I read many blogs frequently and have so many favorites. I have chosen a few that always make me say, "wow" and that inspire me to keep writing no matter WHAT obstacles I face.

To be healthy and whole you need to heal from within and that is just what personal development teaches. Currently personal development blogs are 70% of the blogs I read. So that and the fact that I believe reading them regularly has contributed to me STAYING HEALTHY is why I have decided to give the award to these bloggers. I also love blogs on computers, internet marketing and ones that make me laugh. If you do continue to pass on this award -- PLEASE include bloggers on other topics. If you visit these following blogs you will find easy and effective ways to change your life and heal from within. Everyone has something to learn and to work on in their life and these bloggers offer concrete, simple ways to do so that are heart-felt and intelligent. The rules of this award are just to pass it on by naming a few other bloggers (of any topic). But I wanted to tell you a bit about each and to include links to at least one of my favorite posts from each so you know where to start when looking at their voluminous work! : ) I haven't made my way through all their articles on all their blogs but always know where to go when I want to read something intelligent, witty, from the heart and to learn.

Aaron Potts of Today is That Day is the originator of Personal Development Partners. (PDP) PDP is a wonderful place to meet other people and ask any question you can imagine and get 10 intelligent answers. You can also meet people to mastermind with, join and get free wonderful resources, if you are blogger post articles to discuss with others along with MANY other perks. I have to include Aaron's post on Ho'oponopono as one of my favorites because he explains it so well and simply and gives you more resources to research it further.

Adam Kayce at Monk at Work -- One of my favorite posts so far of Adam's is "Are you One in a Million or One of a Million?". Adam's Book, "Silencing Overwhelm" is free when you subscribe to his blog and has REALLY helped me to prioritize tasks. Adam believes spirit infused business will change the world and with his wise words leading the way -- I have no doubt it will.

Albert Foong at Urban Monk wrote a 6,000 word post, "What your ego is and how to stop it from obscuring your inner peace and unconditional love" that I found brilliant. He says that his blog is an additional voice to attaining more bliss, love and success... and how right he is. I highly recommend reading his e-book, "Weary Person's Guide to Living in Joy and Changing Everything". You feel his emotion and knowledge in every post and I can see how he has helped so many people -- it doesn't get much better than that.

Greg Butler at Holistic Personal Development -- Greg and I have a special bond since we have both healed ourselves using holistic methods of several illnesses. Greg is very smart and knows so much about the body and how to heal it naturally. He understands how powerful the mind is and writes insightful posts on consciousness. I have to pick his posts "The Medical Death Sentence" and "An Integrative Medical Approach" because they are so close to my heart and state so clearly what I believe in but Greg offers lots more articles in many other areas of holistic personal development.

Edward Mills at Evolving Times -- A lot of his posts make me go "wow -- NOW I get it!" and are SO helpful to me. I am a Harry Potter fanatic so HAVE to mention his post, "16 Personal Development Lessons from Harry Potter" but I think a LOT of us could put his post "10 Tips for Staying Positive Around Negative People" to good use.

Lawrence Cheok of a Long Long Road writes about living a balanced life by managing your career, relationships and money and what a GREAT job he does of it. He just won an award from litemind for his post on "100 Resources to Improve Your Career, Relationships and Money" and you can see JUST how much work went into this post. A more personal one and one of my favorites is "7 Ways to Rekindle the Romance in Your Relationship".

Neil Sattin at Getting to the Heart of Personal Development and I met briefly at the Steve Pavlina meetup in NYC and stayed in touch. We have become friends and he is doing a wonderful job of maintaining his 2 blogs (the other is on natural dog training) He is also a songwriter and I see him being a great future songwriter and performer for children. I love Neil's post, "How to Apologize Effectively and Stop Being Right all the Time". My favorite song so far is a lullaby he wrote for his son Dash.

Priscilla Palmer and I met through her Personal Development List, talked at Personal Development Partners and have been friends ever since. She is such a smart, driven and insightful person and I enjoy reading her blog to get her outlook on MANY personal development issues. A favorite post is "Overcome the Mental Block of Non-Belief". She is a life coach -- I can see why and she is who I would want to coach me!

Steve Pavlina can probably be named the Godfather of personal development bloggers and there is a reason. I was lucky enough to meet him when he and his wife Erin (another wonderful blogger) had a meet-up in New York City. I was able to ask him a question that I had been struggling with and he quickly answered it for me and I haven't struggled with it since. His blog and forum are a great source of education, wit, camaraderie and knowledge. The posts that fascinated me the most was when he actually experimented with polyphasic sleep.

I would like to thank all of the above for their intelligence, writing abilities and their quality of work. I have learned so much from each of you already and know I will continue to learn more. I pass on this award of Excellence as a small token of my gratitude and deep respect for all of you.


Edward Mills | Evolving Times said...

Jenny. Thanks so much for including me in this list. Truly awesome company to be a part of! And thanks for the work that you do helping people recognize that there are alternatives to the conventional treatments for pain. Your message is much needed!

Jenny Mannion said...

Thank you for coming by, commenting and appreciating the work I am doing. I am a HUGE fan and love your insightful posts -- I'll be visiting Evolving Times soon, as always and look forward to going back to read some older posts I have missed! Gratefully, Jenny

Stacie said...

Jenny - congrats on the award! You deserve it. I am going to check out some of the people you highlighted. Thanks. - Love, Stacie

Jenny Mannion said...

Hey Stacie,
Thanks! The people I have highlighted are all brilliant -- I know you'll love them. I miss you and hope to talk soon! Love, Jenny

Lawrence Cheok | A Long Long Road said...

Hi Jenny,

Wow! Thank you for including me in this list.

These are really great bloggers on personal development, and I'm deeply humbled to be able to be part of this list.

I think you do deserve to do part of this list as well. Your writings on natural healing has touched many people and given us a new avenue to live a better life. Please keep it up!


Lawrence Cheok
A Long Long Road

Jenny Mannion said...

Wow Lawrence I am humbled by your comment. You and the others on this list are really my heroes in that you have all taught me lessons I need to STAY healthy and to keep spreading my story. I read your blog regularly and am always impressed! Thank you so much for commenting! Gratefully, Jenny

Neil said...

Hi Jenny,

I really appreciate your including me on this list, in the company of some stellar bloggers. Thank you!

Your blog continually inspires me as a reminder of the importance of honoring our health (in all realms) as we pursue our individual and collective dreams. Fortunately it all weaves together nicely, as pursuit of our dreams is integral to our health, and our health is integral to realizing our dreams.

(also appreciate the intention mention)

I'm glad that we met in person - something that happens too rarely in blog-world.

Keep up the eggscelence! I know you will. :)
Getting to the Heart of Personal Development

Jenny Mannion said...

Hey Neil,
Thanks for the nice comments. The intention mention is just speaking the truth. Wish I had your lullaby a few years back when my kids were lucky to get 3 hours of sleep in a row! ; ) Yes, it was great to meet you in person -- I do love your articles! Talk to you soon.
Gratefully, Jenny

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