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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Aaron Potts

I have been reading Aaron Pott's blog Today is That Day since I started exploring the blogosphere in August. His writing is inspiring, he always has positive things to say and is a really great person as well as being such a phenomenal writer. His friends at his wonderful social network Personal Development Partners are getting together to show Aaron our appreciation and wish him a very happy birthday. I am grateful to be able to send birthday wishes to Aaron and to give him this tiny gift of appreciation for all I have learned by reading his writings. Happy Birthday Aaron -- here's a little poem for you:

Happy Birthday
to Aaron Potts of
Today is That Day.
Thank you
for helping so many
people find their way.

Your writing is
genuine, funny,
interesting and smart.
You show that success and happiness
are within reach for everyone
and offer the tools for how to start.

You started a new kind of
social network;
the inspirational PDP.
Where conversations and the atmosphere
flow comfortably
like good friends talking and sipping tea.

You also offer
free and useful products
for all of your Thought Leaders.
The value of these
e-books and material
could turn anyone into a "reader".

Then there are the 3 other blogs
Fitness Destinations, The 3 Alchemists
and The Information Underload...
How do you do it Aaron?
If I wrote this much
surely my brain or computer would explode!

As I have gotten to know you
You have shown you don't
just have an incredible mind.
You enjoy your family,
your friends and meeting others and
are extraordinarily kind.

You not only write
on how to be a success
but you lead by all that you do.
I wish you the most
wonderful birthday Aaron
no one deserves it more than you!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Three cheers for Aaron - hip hip hooray! hip hip hooray! hip hip hooray!

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