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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thank you Edward Mills -- Vision Board Results

Thanks so much to Edward Mills at Evolving Times! Not only did you inspire me to actually MAKE a vision board but I am lucky enough to have won your contest as well! Please go check out the entries and results of Edward's Vision Board Invitational. There were truly amazing ones and they do make for good motivation and inspiration to do one of your own. I made mine with friends and my kids and had a great time doing it. Edward also includes lots of great posts telling you different ways to make a vision board. Thanks Edward, I really look forward to doing the Simpleology Courses and am very grateful for winning.


Troy Worman said...

I love your vision board. Great job. Kudos and congrats to you for winning Edward's contest, as well. You earned it.

Liara Covert said...

Dear Jenny,
Its crystal clear when your heart, soul and mind become aligned in spirit. You raise your energy vibration and emit positive vibes to the world that reverberrate back. Good stuff! Winning contests is a welcome acknowledgement in the physical world, and what your achievement hides beneath the surface is purely life-changing.

Jenny Mannion said...

Thanks Troy, I am happy you liked it. I won through a random number drawing so can't say I EARNED it... But I was very grateful to have made one, to have won and I LOVE looking at it every day. It is sitting right next to my computer monitor which is wonderful and I look at it often. Thanks so much for coming by and commenting. Gratefully, Jenny

Hi Liara, Thank you. I feel great and winning 2 contests this week definitely did make me almost giddy with excitement and filled with energy. I love you comments. Thank you so much for them! Gratefully, Jenny

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