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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A smile can go a Long Way to Heal and Change your mood

I grew up in New York City where I was told "don't make eye contact". You busily ran down the street either with your eyes kind of blanked out or looking down (definitely served the dual purpose of making sure you avoided stepping in something gross). I reserved my smiles for my friends and family and places I went where I did know the people (The laundromat, the local store, the block I grew up on on the Upper East Side, etc.).

Now I live in upstate NY and everyone makes eye contact and smiles at each other. I never realized how contagious a smile could be. It can change my mood if I am out and busily running errands and the woman in front of me smiles and hold the door and asks how I am. It took a little getting used to but I quickly got into the swing and know now that running errands can change my mood for the better. One smile (if in a bad mood) is all I need and I pass it on and I feel pretty confident the people I passed it on to will continue the progression. Most of the time I am in a good mood and start the progression. It's a nice way to look at being out and about town instead of concentrating on my lists and being in a hurry. How long does it take to pass on a smile? Less than a few seconds!

I had always heard that it took many more muscles to frown than to smile. I did some research on this and it seems the numbers have been told different through time (how many muscles each takes). But the truth of it is -- it DOES you MUCH better to smile -- so the next time you are frowning TRY and turn it into a smile and see what happens. I have gone through some trying days (as everyone has) and I can truthfully say if I stop and make myself think of something funny or happy and smile -- I start to feel the pain of my mood relieved and I felt healed. It's such an easy thing to do - the only thing you've got to do is remember and to stop and think long enough to execute a smile and a good memory, joke or picture - how long does that take?

I became aware of the new movie put out by some of the same people featured in the movie The Secret. It's name -- Pass it On -- what it's about -- passing a smile as well and good energy and knowledge on. A smile is a good way to start. Writing this blog entry changed my kinda blah mood I woke up in and made me smile. Now out to pick up my daughter and take her out for a walk so we can spread some of that joy! With the dimples she's got she always has people returning her smile! My beautiful kids Alex & Christina are pictured above.


Stacie said...


Great post! So very true. I love the picture of Alex and Christina. A beautiful day we had today - hope you had a nice walk with your girl. I very much enjoyed our walk yesterday, in spite of the gray skies. Hope to do it again!


Tina said...

This is a valuable message. I live in the busy city of LA and I must admit it is easy to forget to smile. But when I do that consciously, I do indeed feel good. I also am reminded of Mother Teresa's quote: "Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love." Thanks for a wonderful entry.

Jenny Mannion said...

Thanks Stacie -- the walk with you was WONDERFUL. I've been lucky enough the walk yesterday and today as well and it does wonders for my well being! Hope to see you soon!
Love, Jenny

Jenny Mannion said...

Hi Tina, Thank you! Yes, it is something I have been good at reminding myself of lately. I feel it makes a HUGE difference when I am out and can change a blah mood instantly. People look so great when they smile -- it lights up people's faces! Thanks for the comment, Jenny

Neil said...

Hey Jenny,

Great article! Whenever I'm in NYC I always consider it my duty to bring a little of that smile-i-tude to the people whose paths I cross - if enough people try and pass it on, then perhaps NYC will become the city of a million smiles? One day!

We met briefly at the Pavlina meetup yesterday (right at the beginning) - wish we'd had the chance to chat more...'bout the ways of the blogging world.

Here's a link to an article on my blog - it's along the same lines - it's about how you can use your past experience to summon up a good feeling, even when you're not having the best day in the world, and how that feeling gets amplified by ye olde law of attraction:

The Law of Attraction and the Best Days of your Life

At the risk of overwhelming you with "articles" - here's one about the influence my son, Dash, had on the people of NYC the last time that my family vacationed there. If everyone in New York carried babies around, it'd definitely be a much warmer place. Though it'd probably be a lot louder as well. :)

Spiritual Healing in New York City

Looking forward to more of your blogging! It looks like we started our blogs right around the same time...keep up the good work!

-Neil (Sattin)
My blog on Natural Dog Training

Jenny Mannion said...

Hey Neil,
Thanks for the comment. I really enjoyed your article. It was great to meet you as well. I hope your ride back went a lot smoother and I am sure your wife appreciated you heading home early. I remember the early days of parenting - while wonderful - truly exhausting and 4 hands were always better than 2! Dash is adorable and I hope to talk to you some more. Happy blogging!
: ) Jenny

Viagra Online said...

I'm really agree with your blog I have 2 sons and every time I feel bad They chance my mood I feel so happy because I know that not everything is bad.

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