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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"Can Self-Talk Heal Pain?" by Jennifer Mannion

When I decided I wanted to self heal pain relating to all chronic illnesses that I had lived with for the last 6 years -- I had to take a serious look at my thoughts and behaviors. I had to listen closely to my own "self-talk" that was so ingrained I was shocked when I HEARD what I was actually telling myself.

I would wake up every morning telling myself "I feel so sick", "Why me?", "I wonder how I will get through this day.", "I'll never be able to keep up with the kids", "I'll never be able to clean the house", etc. etc. Then I found "The Secret" and the Law of Attraction and it all made sense. I was telling my body to be sick and it was obliging. The Law of Attraction says "Energy flows where attention goes" and I was concentrating on my illnesses and pain so much I was actually making it worse.

So can your self-talk heal you? Yes it can! It will make you feel liberated after only a few days if you are able to keep with it. I put a rubber band around my wrist and actually snapped it when I found myself thinking those negative thoughts about my health. I acknowledged that those thoughts were there but told myself I would feel better by thinking more constructively. What did I switch it to? I started by finding whatever LITTLE part of my body didn't hurt. Be it my little finger, my toes -- with fibromyalgia and chronic mono some days it felt like those were the only parts that were pain free. Anyway, I would concentrate on that one part and feel deep inside THANKFUL for being healthy and for that part being pain free. I would say in my head "I am thankful for my health". After only a few days I felt the difference.

It pays to listen to your self-talk. Are you saying positive things to yourself? Encouraging yourself or discouraging yourself? Saying and concentrating on what you want or what you don't want?

I used this and several other methods to heal myself from chronic pain and ALL my chronic illnesses which I document in my ebook. If you want to find out more about me please visit my website: http://www.thankfulformyhealing.com


Steve Harned said...

Hey Jenny,

Wow, great article. I appreciated that you took action and I'm thrilled that you received such great results. I would like to use the rubber band idea on myself. I catch myself in negative self talk occasionally.

My blog deals with healing as well using various energy techniques. Thank you for having the courage to talk about your experiences. I'm definitely subscribing to your RSS!



Jenny Mannion said...

Hi Steve, Thanks so much for subscribing and for commenting. Yes, I still have my moments I need to stop and "snap" myself either virtually or with that rubber band. But I am learning and improving and am proud of myself for continuing to move in the right direction. I will check out your blog! Thanks again. Gratefully, Jenny

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