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Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Heal Pain with the Wellness Industry not the Sickness Industry"

I was fortunate in a strange way being raised in NYC. I was surrounded by people with substance abuse problems which helped me to form an early phobia of addiction. An example is my next door neighbors (in a NYC tenement building this means literally 1 step out your door with your apartments connected throughout) would come asking us for Orange Juice in the morning so they could have their morning screwdrivers (vodka and OJ). I was constantly hearing of someones mother, brother, sister, father who was sent to rehab for pills, heroine, cocaine, etc. This caused me to be scared silly of ever becoming addicted to ANYTHING and allowed me not to follow along the road so many people go down.

This country has gotten very used to pills to cure all. Nowadays you can't even watch a TV program without an ad for some pill that is new and the pharmaceutical markets are trying to push. Now with pills being recalled and us not knowing what harm the prescriptions will cause to our bodies in 10 years we are starting to see a shift. Natural healing alternatives are being sought out and the wellness industry stands to grow tremendously as this article points out taken from Natural Healing Magazine:

"Wellness - The Biggest Opportunity of the 21st Century"

“We are now at the very beginning of the next trillion dollar industry – an industry that will impact almost every aspect of our lives and achieve $1 trillion in sales within 10 years, but one that is as unknown today as the automobile industry was in 1908 or the personal computer industry was in 1981.

“In order to define the wellness industry and identify its opportunities, we must first distinguish it from a related industry based on some of the same technology – the current $1.5 trillion (U.S.) health-care industry.

“Approximately one seventh of the U.S. economy, about $1.5 trillion, is devoted to what is erroneously called the ‘health-care’ business. Health-care is a misnomer, as this one seventh of the economy is really devoted to the sickness business – defined in the dictionary as ‘ill health, illness, a disordered, weakened, or unsound condition, or a specific disease.’ “The sickness business is reactive. Despite its enormous size, people become customers only when they are stricken by and react to a specific condition or ailment. No one really wants to be a customer.

“In the next 10 years, an additional $1 trillion of the U.S. economy will be devoted to the yet-unnamed wellness business – defined in the dictionary as ‘the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal.

Which side do you want to be on: Wellness or sickness? The time has come to make that choice. We all have a purpose to serve on this beautiful planet. You can either choose to actively seek out solutions, continually nourishing your body and reviving your spirit – or you can remain passive about the potential perils lurking around us, gradually losing your life energy until sickness finally catches up with you. If you don’t make a decision, the choice will be made for you by the financially motivated food, chemical and drug companies, the profit-driven medical establishment, or the media addicted to advertisement dollars. But will that serve your benefit? To read the rest of this article please visit: http://www.naturalhealingtoday.com

I personally am already on the wellness side having cured myself of several chronic illnesses and chronic pain JUST by using my thoughts/actions. I have written an e-book on all the methods I used to accomplish this. Come visit my website to learn more about me: www.thankfulformyhealing I hope you choose wellness!

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